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Do you wish your grass was as green as Augusta National? One key to a healthy and lush lawn is proper watering. Cutting Edge Augusta, LLC offers an array of irrigation services to make sure your property gets the water it needs.

An experienced landscape contractor will map out your yard and determine the right number of sprinkler heads and coverage you need. We'll send you an estimate so you can approve the rate online. Once approved, we'll get started on your installation project as soon as possible. Contact Cutting Edge Augusta today for irrigation services in Grovetown, Evans, Georgia or the surrounding area.

Sprinkler Installation and Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler Installation and Sprinkler Repair

3 long-lasting benefits of a sprinkler system

We have 32 years of experience working with irrigation systems. Getting the right system installed for your property helps you:

  1. Water your lawn on a schedule
  2. Give your lawn the right amount of watering
  3. Keep your grass green and healthy






We can also troubleshoot your system's problems when it's not working properly. Call 706-231-8594 today for sprinkler repairs in the Evans, Grovetown, Augusta, GA and surrounding areas.