Is Your Grass Growing Out of Control?

Get lawn trimming and pruning services from Cutting Edge Augusta, LLC in Grovetown, GA

Your grass and shrubs will grow quickly when they're in season. Even after just a few days, your lawn can end up looking like an overgrown mess. If you don't have the time or energy to cut your plants down to size, turn to Cutting Edge Augusta, LLC for assistance.

We provide lawn trimming and pruning services in the Grovetown, GA area. Our landscaper can come to your property when you need to mow your grass and trim your overgrown plants. Once we're finished, you'll be able to enjoy a yard that looks healthy and beautiful without spending your free time working.

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Why hire a professional landscaper?

Why hire a professional landscaper?

Teaming up with a landscaper isn't just about having a beautiful yard. When you choose us for lawn maintenance services, you'll appreciate that...

  • We can safely work around features like fences to keep your yard neat and even.
  • We'll trim problem limbs off your shrubs to keep them as healthy as possible.
  • We can get rid of weeds and leaves if your lawn needs extra care.

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